Slovenia’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

Thank you, yes, Slovenia! Here’s “Hvala, ne.”

This is Lea’s third trip to Eurovision. She was a backing singer for Tinkara Kovač at Eurovision in 2014 and for ManuElla in 2016. She also made three previous attempts to represent Slovenia as a lead artist. Her song “Vampir je moj poet” (which means what you think it means) finished behind “Narodnozabavni Rock” in EMA 2010. And deservedly so.

But why focus on the negative when we can focus on the positive? “Hvala, ne,” which Lea co-wrote with Slovenian deejay Tomy DeClerque, has a bouncy hip hop rhythm with some sleek techno accents. When it comes on, we drop everything and dance.

Sometimes we hear a selection for Eurovision and say to ourselves, this is a contender. Other times, a selection lands with us, and we have absolutely no idea if it is going to land with a general audience. “Hvala, ne” falls into that latter camp. We love it, but we have no idea if anyone else will. We really hope they do.