Greece’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

Talk to us, Greece. Here’s Yianna Terzi with “Oniro Mou.”

Yianna Terzi is the daughter of platinum-selling singer Paschalis Terzis. She has lived in the United States and worked as a talent scout for Interscope Records. She co-wrote “Oneiro mou” with Aris Kalimeris (who co-wrote “Hora Din Moldova”), Dimitris Stamatiou, and Mihalis Papathanasiou from the Greek hip-hop duo Goin’ Through. “Oneiro mou” was originally going to be one of five songs in a Greek national final, but all the other songs were disqualified. Yianna and Saara Aalto should become friends.

According to Panik Record’s YouTube page for the lyric video, “Oneiro mou” is meant to be a bittersweet, yet hopeful dialogue between Greece and its people. With that in mind, the song is suitably atmospheric and melancholic. It feels like a good fit for Eurovision, but we’re struggling to get excited about it.

We think our issue is that “Oneiro mou” doesn’t really have any levels. It starts off slow, then moderately picks up the pace to a trot, then stays at that trot to the end. It’s like a gentle walk around a large pond.

That said, this could be one of those songs that really pops with a good staging. The song’s chorus is moving and the backing vocal arrangement is sophisticated. There’s also about 25 seconds, starting at the 2:10 mark, that are without any vocals. Assuming Yianna can belt live, the vocals are in tune, and the Greek delegation can punctuate her performance with some strong moments a la “Watch My Dance,” it could really come alive. Fingers crossed.