Macedonia’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

Eye Cue are going all over the place, including Lisbon!

Singer Marija Ivanovska and singer and guitarist Bojan Trajkovski formed Eye Cue in 2007. Their single “Not This Time” was one of the top 20 videos on MTV Adria in 2010 and they have since gone on to have several top 10 singles in the Balkans. They won Skopje Fest in 2015 with their song “Ubava.”

“Lost and Found” starts off as a pop rock single then slides into a ska song then goes back to the pop rock song then jumps into a U2-via-Coldplay song before leaping into a dance single. It’s, like, how many more genres could this have? And the answer is none. None more genres.

We listen to each entry a few times as we’re reviewing them and sometimes songs get better the more we listen to them (which is usually a problem for songs that have one shot at Eurovision audiences). Other songs end up just filling us with dread. You can guess which camp “Lost and Found” falls into.