Lithuania’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

Aw, Ieva’s in love!

Ieva Zasimauskaitė has competed on Lietuvos balsas, the Lithuanian version of The Voice, and participated in four previous Lithuanian national finals for Eurovision. She also was a member of the Kanunas Choir when it won the Lithuanian version of Clash of the Choirs. Her song “When We’re Old” is by Vytautas Bikus, who wrote Lithuania’s 2015 entry “This Time.”

“When We’re Old” is very gentle and its lyrics are very sweet, bordering on cloying. That said, Ieva gives it such weight that it’s hard to believe she didn’t write it herself for her husband, basketball player Marius Kiltinavičius, who shows up in the official video and the national final staging. If he comes to Lisbon, he and Ieva may be competing with Spain’s Alfred and Amaia for Eurovision’s most insufferably adorable straight couple.

Ieva’s voice sounds like a cross between Ellie Goulding and Dolores O’Riordan. She is quite good, although her lower register is a bit milky. Our main concern is that her song may be a bit too gentle to make an impact on audiences, especially in the first half of the first Semifinal. The emotion she brings to “When We’re Old” needs to feel genuine enough to make an impact.