Armenia’s Eurovision 2018 Entry

Hey, look a guy with a beard singing in his native language at Eurovision!

Sevak Khanagyan won X-Factor Ukraine in 2016, one year after competing on The Voice of Russia. The Russian-Armenian singer became a coach on The Voice of Armenia last year. He co-wrote “Qami” with Viktorya Maloyan and former Voice of Armenia contestant Anna Danielyan.

When we watched Depi Evratesil, “Qami” stood out. Weeks later, when we were watching the official video, we were left a bit cold. It was hard to tell why at first, until we went back to Sevak’s live performance. At the national final, Sevak builds his song and delivers big, powerful notes to bring it home. Meanwhile, the studio track washes over Sevak’s power notes with backing singers and orchestrations. The final mix blunts his ability to sell the song.

Still, Sevak has proven himself to be a dynamic performer. Even though the recorded track doesn’t do much for us, we’re pretty sure he will acquit himself nicely in Lisbon.