Spain’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

Spain is bringing a party to Tel Aviv! Here’s Miki with “La Venda.”

Miki Núñez is 23 and finished 6th in this year’s Operación Triunfo. He performed two songs at the OT Eurovision Gala, a duet with Natalia Lacunza called “Nadie Se Salva” and the eventual winner “La Venda.”

The first time we heard “La Venda” during the Gala, I thought that it was a party song better enjoyed at the party. It played well in the room, but for us watching at home, the energy Miki and his crew gave off struck us as bit manic.

Jen then pointed out that this was going to be one of those songs that we were going like or even outright love after the third or fourth listen. Sure enough, having listened to it a few times now, I really enjoy it. “La Vende” is a proper stadium anthem that should fill up the room at the Expo Tel Aviv.

I still think Miki’s performance needs to be reined in a bit. When he connects with the camera at the start of “La Vende” and during the “lo que ere” bridge, I can see just how charismatic he can be. Otherwise he spends the rest of the song playing to the audience, which could hurt him if televoters don’t connect with him.

It’s a fine balance: Miki could be utterly charming and end up like the Spanish version of Amir or he could look like he’s trying too hard to pump up the crowd and end up like the Spanish version of Twin Twin. Given Spain’s run of form the past few years, let’s hope it’s the former.