France’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

Will there be a new king of Eurovision? Bilal Hassani aims to take the crown at this year’s Song Contest!

Bilal Hassani is a 19-year-old singer who first gained attention in France when he auditioned for the children’s version of The Voice with “Rise Like a Phoenix.” He has since gained a large fan base through his YouTube channel and his Instagram account. He co-wrote his song “Roi” with Madame Monsieur, who represented France at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Bilal is a self-assured performer with a striking androgynous look. He cuts a unique stage picture, and he has the vocal chops to back up his style. He’s not perfect: there are some high notes in the chorus of “Roi” that he never confidently hit in either Destination Eurovision performance. But we have a good feeling he will be busting his butt to nail that vocal at the Song Contest.

We see his song as his biggest liability. “Roi” is more of a mission statement like “That’s What I Am” than an anthem like “Rise Like a Phoenix.” It’s good, but we don’t feel like it completes Bilal’s total package. We wonder if the Destination Eurovision results are a harbinger for his fate in May. He was the overwhelming winner of the televote, but he finished fifth with the juries.

Regardless of how he finishes at the end of the day, we have no doubt Bilal is going to be a great ambassador for France and for the Song Contest. The road to Tel Aviv won’t be easy, but he seems to have a good, strong head on his shoulders.  We’re happy to have him in the Eurovision family.