Italy’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

Okay, it’s kind of a cliche for non-Italian Eurovision fans to whinge about the length and the pacing of Sanremo, but true story: it took us three nights to watch a replay of the first night of Sanremo. And we never got to the end the show and our son begged us to never watch Sanremo ever again.

But you know what, at the end of the several nights, it was worth it, because Italy has offered up a corker.

Mahmood is a singer from Milan who competed in the sixth series of Italy’s The X Factor, going out in week three. He earned his place at this year’s Sanremo by winning one of the Sanremo Giovani shows that act as a sort of play-in round for young artists. He is the son of an Italian mother and an Egyptian father, making him the second entrant of North African descent at this year’s Song Contest, following Moroccan-French singer Bilal.

Mahmood found himself up against the 2015 Sanremo winners Il Volo and the 2018 Sanremo Newcomers Award winner Ultimo in the superfinal. And when the televote results were tallied, he found himself in a distance third place. But the jury ate “Soldi” up: He received 63.7% of their vote, more than making up for his feeble 14.1% of the public vote.

This result did not go unnoticed by certain far-right populist government officials in Italy, who dogwhistled their disapproval on Twitter. Trust us, there is nothing more insufferable than a prominent right-wing populist politician criticizing liberalism and elitism in the entertainment industry through his Twitter account. It gets old fast.

We think “Soldi” is great. It incorporates hip hop rhythms into modern Italian melodies to create a pulsating, accessible pop song. The lyrics tell a personal story in a relatable way and seamlessly weave a couple of poignant lines in Arabic. Italy has generally had a good run of form since their return to the Song Contest in 2011 and we think they have another strong contender this year. We hope “Soldi” does well for a variety of reasons, none more important than the fact that we love it.