Montenegro’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

Montenegro has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 10 times, but they’ve only made it to the Grand Prix Final twice. Their output has run the gamut from pop rock to metal to rap to Balkan ballads to performance art to Slavko realness. Generally, they have been interesting and often memorable. But they haven’t really been successful yet.

Can D mol take Montenegro to Eurovision heaven? Or will their country remain in Song Contest purgatory?

D mol are a Montenegrin singing group so obscure the official Eurovision website said, “Little background details were revealed about the group, but as they only got elevated to the international stage tonight, we will surely get to know them better in the days and weeks to come.”  We’d love it if they just never provide the EBU with a bio and if anyone asks the members personal questions, they’d coyly reply, “Mum’s the word.”

Montenegro has already announced that “Heaven” is getting a revamp for Eurovision. Fair enough, because the arrangement was a bit dated. Even so, we enjoyed “Heaven.” It’s chock full of major chords and catchy, sunny melodies. Of course, a pleasant, cheerful pop ballad is not exactly set up to be a world-beater, so that revamp is going to need to do some heavy lifting to change Montenegro’s fortunes.

The presentation at Montevizija 2019 was cute, but D mol was confined to the stage prop. We’d want Montenegro to expand on the original idea and figure out how to make it more dynamic. Also, they need to changing D mol’s styling because for some reason the one of the singers was dressed up like Emily Dickinson.

There’s old fashioned and then there is 1800s old fashioned.

UPDATED 3/9/2019: Here’s D mol’s revamp. And they’ve changed their name from D-Moll or D Moll to D mol. The main change is the addition of folk instrumentation and given how insane that first Semi has shaped up, we’re pretty sure that’s not going to be enough.