Croatia’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

Croatia have picked the ne plus ultra of Eurovision entries this year. Here is Roko’s “The Dream.”

Roko Blažević is an 18-year-old singer who won the Serbian talent show Pinkove Zvezdice in 2017. He also finished second on the Croatian show Zvijezde last year. His song written by Eurovision royalty: Jacques Houdec represented Croatia at the 2017 Song Contest with the epic “My Friend” and Charlie Mason is the lyricist behind “Rise Like a Phoenix” and “Beauty Never Lies.”

So let’s get down to brass tacks. Roko is standing on stage dressed in white and wearing huge angels wings. He is singing a song about peace and love and understanding. He crushes big note after big note. He spots the camera and unleashes a little bit of smolder. There is a language change. There is a key change. Of course there is.

“The Dream” is soaring and grandiose and it is as archetypal a Eurovision song as you could possibly get. It shows the Song Contest ideal in all its earnest glory. It has a fabulous “only at Eurovision” quality to it, but in an almost sensible sort of way.

Yes, Roko is wearing angel’s wings while he sings. When you consider other times you’ve seen someone wear angel’s wings at Eurovision, you have to appreciate his subtlety.