Romania’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

We would love to be given the reigns for a country’s Eurovision selection. We’ve been doing this blog for 13 years now and are totally experts, so we obviously could come up with something earth-shattering for the Song Contest! Look at Vasil Ivanov and Deyan Yordanov, two Eurovision superfans who were given a chance to run Bulgaria’s national selection process. They turned out to be massively successful and only financial issues kept Bulgaria from competing this year.

But there’s a flip side: William Lee Adams and Deban Aderemi from Wiwibloggs served on the jury of Romania’s national final Selecţia Naţională, and have been getting a lot of stick from other Eurovision fans for how they voted. We don’t have a particular side in the battle royale, but we are reminded that we need to be careful what we wish for. We would hate to get a taste of our own medicine!

Enough about that. How’s Romania’s song? Hey it’s pretty good!

Ester Peony is a Romanian singer who grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She has formal jazz training, and was signed to Romanian record label MusicExpertRecords after they saw song covers she posted on YouTube.

“On a Sunday” is a sultry and sulky number about desperate love. Imagine if “Black Velvet” was a murder ballad. It has a slithery groove and melodies that packs a lot of tension and release into three minutes.

The Selecţia Naţională staging was fun, with this one super-charismatic drummer that needs to have his own fan page. But we never lost sight of who the star of the show was: Ester seated center stage in a vibrant red dress, pulling faces, and commanding the camera. We are concerned her emoting could get a bit over the top. She chewed so much scenery she became a leading cause of deforestation in Romania.

Whether or not the Selecţia Naţională jury got it right in the eyes of the Romanian televoters and the Eurovision fan base, we think Romania has come back strong from their first non-qualification. We’re looking forward to seeing where this goes.