Denmark’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

After watching Leonora win Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with “Love Is Forever,” we asked ourselves, “Did anyone in Russia put their guns down and not go fight in Donbass?”

tl;dr No.

Leonora was a figure skater who competed in the World Junior Championships in 2016 and won gold with her brother Linus at the Danish figure skating national final in 2016. She still works as a choreographer while pursuing her music career. “Love Is Forever” was co-written by Lise Cabble, who also co-wrote “Only Teardrops.”

Leonora is an amiable performer with an amiable voice singing an amiable song with an amiable staging. Plus it’s all about love changing the world in the most direct way possible. And she sings it in French and Danish too! What’s not to tolerate for three minutes?

Okay, maybe we’re a bit cynical, but keep in mind we flipped over to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix after watching the fiasco unfolding in Ukraine, so maybe we weren’t up for a sunny “love conquers all” number at the time. Revisiting “Love Is Forever” a week later, we came to the conclusion that it is not good, it’s not bad, it’s just nice. Good luck changing the world with that.