Germany’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

Do you like Frozen? Would you like to hear a song that sounds like it was cut from the Broadway version of Frozen? Germany has got you covered.

S!sters were formed to compete at this year’s Unser Lied. Carlotta Truman was a finalist on The Voice Kids in 2014. Laurita Spinelli (no relation to Carlotta) won a competition called Kiddy Contest in 2010 and is currently one of Lena’s backing singers. Their song “Sister” was co-written by Laurell Barker, Thomas Stengaard, Marine Kaltenbacher, and Tom Oehler. Those first two names may sound familiar: Laurell co-wrote this year’s United Kingdom entry “Bigger Than Us,” while Thomas co-wrote last year’s Germany entry “You Let Me Walk Alone.”

“Sister” is about two sisters who reunite after many years of bad blood. The second verse begins, “I’m sorry/Sorry for the drama,” but are they really? S!sters emote the living daylights out of their song. It’s all a bit much. We were no fans of Michael Schulte’s song last year, but at least he was drawing on some genuine emotion by telling his own story. “Sister” replaces emotion with theatrics. It’s all show and it leaves us cold.