Portugal’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

Oh hi! Long time, no see! We have been through the wringer a bit lately, so we haven’t really had a chance to post. We are back now and are increasingly comfortable with the fact that we may not be able to write reviews of every single entry in detail before all the acts arrive in Tel Aviv. (Sorry, Moldova.)

We thought we’d cherry-pick an easy entry to ease our way back in. Then we decided to review “Telemóveis” instead.

Conan Osíris is a self-taught singer and songwriter who also has a degree in graphic design. He has released two EPs and two full albums, with his 2017 release Adoro Bolos serving as his breakthrough. He was eventually invited by Portuguese broadcaster RTP to compose a song for this year’s edition of  Festival da Canção.

We have absolutely no idea what to make of “Telemóveis.” It might be the least accessible Eurovision entry we have heard in our years of following the Song Contest. We have no entry point to come at it, no knowledge of Conan’s musical genre, no reference point to decode it. It is totally out of our comfort zone.

“Telemóveis” was the overwhelming winner at Festival da Canção and was an early favorite of diehard Eurovision fans. But we wonder if most viewers in May will react the way we did, scratching their heads wondering what the heck that was.

And yet, and yet… We are happy Conan is at Eurovision because he is bringing something utterly unique to the Song Contest, a song unlike anything we’ve ever encountered. We may not get it, but we want it to be there. It is striking and special.