The Netherlands’ Eurovision 2019 Entry

Lord, take me downtown.

Duncan Laurence competed on season five of The Voice of Holland under his birth name Duncan de Moor. He was on Ilse DeLange‘s team and was eliminated in the semifinals. He co-wrote “Arcade” with Swedish songwriter Joel Sjöö and Dutch songwriter Wouter Hardy.

“Arcade” is a gorgeous song, with a similar vibe to Kristian Kostov’s “Beautiful Mess.” It sounds like a modern pop take on a sea shanty, full of longing and heartache. Even if it isn’t immediately catchy, its melodies find their way into our heads, and they linger long after.

When “Arcade” was released, it immediately rocketed to the top of the betting odds and has stayed there ever since. We can’t decide if the buzz is based on the quality of the song or the quality of the official video or, within that, the quality of Duncan’s delicious, delicious ass. Maybe he needs to consult with Ivan about how to stage a Eurovision entry while naked.

We’re being facetious, of course. “Arcade” is a haunting song that lives up to the hype. Even if we are a bit annoyed by reports of Dutch cities already prepping their bids to host Eurovision 2020, we can’t deny that Duncan has given us a worthy contender.