Cyprus’ Eurovision 2019 Entry

We don’t usually like to brag when we look like geniuses, but we feel like we nailed our review of Cyprus’ Eurovision 2018 entry. It didn’t seem like a lot of people rated it when it first came out, but “Fuego” was quite the sensation once the rehearsals kicked off in Lisbon. Not that we necessarily would have predicted Cyprus to finish second at the Song Contest, but we just had a feeling Eleni Foureira was going to be the diva to end all divas.

Cyprus is trying to replicate last year’s magic, which is why it’s not surprising to us that their song is called “Replay.”

Tamta is a Georgian Greek singer who finished second in Super Idol, the short-lived Greek version of Pop Idol. She has gone on to be a judge on both the Greek and Georgian versions of The Voice. She also finished third in the 2007 Greek national final with the song “With Love.”

The official video for “Replay” is ridiculous, a collection of perfume ad outtakes that includes a factory that only manufactures sparks. We think it’s a collective metaphor for sex, although we’re trying to figure out what kink is symbolized by dropping a knife that turns into packing peanuts.

That Tamta looks like Sharon Tate as Jennifer North in Valley of the Dolls as another level to the video, because it looks like she’s performing in the French art films Jennifer starts acting in when she needs to raise money for Tony after he’s hospitalized for his mysterious illness.

Too deep a pull?

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what we think of the song. We like it! It is maybe trying a bit too hard to be “Fuego” 2.0, but it’s catchy. Our son refers to it as “Bing-Bong-de-Bing-Bong-de-Bay,” which captures the melody of the chorus quite well.

Eurovision’s producers have picked “Replay” to kick off the First Semi, which we think makes perfect sense. It’s the only proper banger in the first half of the draw. Cyprus is likely going to try hard to recapture lightning in a bottle, so the staging is either going to be ridiculously awesome or memorably ridiculous. Hope they have the spark generator primed and ready.