Azerbaijan’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

The “Truth” is out there, and it’s a bit of a banger.

Chingiz Mustafayev won the Azerbaijani version of Pop Idol in 2007 and competed on the The Voice of Ukraine in 2016. He co-wrote “Truth” with Borislav Milanov, Joacim Persson, and Trey Campbell, the team behind last year’s Bulgarian entry “Bones.” They are joined by rap artist Pablo Dinero and someone called Hostess (or maybe they ate a lot of Hostess products while composing the song and gave credit where credit was due).

We were skeptical about “Truth” when it began because it sounds a lot like “Bones.” Also, the video looks like Aquaman fan fiction. Sorry, Chingiz, but Duncan Laurence does underwater videos better.

When the chorus kicked in, though, we were hooked. We loved the pulsating synth that propels the melody. He does say “shut up” a lot (22 times), which may be what we’ll be muttering to ourselves if “Truth” gets stuck in our head a little too long. Hasn’t happened yet.

Borislav Milanov and Joacim Persson are part of the Symphonix International collective who have contributed several songs to Eurovision in the past few years. (We really need to add them to our Songwriters list.) They co-wrote this year’s Maltese entry, “Chameleon,” and to be honest with you, we like that one more. “Chameleon” sounds like it was customized to fit Michela’s style. “Truth” is more of a generic Symphonix song, even though Chingiz is a co-writer.

That’s a minor criticism, because frankly we like their songwriting and production style. We just feel that if Borislav, Joacim and the other Symphonix team members are going to win Eurovision, they are more likely to do it with a song like “Chameleon” than a song like “Truth.”