Greece’s Eurovision 2019 Entry

The past five years have not been kind to Greece at Eurovision. Three entries finished towards the bottom of the table on Saturday nights, and two songs didn’t even qualify for the Grand Prix Final. Can “Better Love” deliver better results?

Katerine Duska is a Greek-Canadian singer born in Montreal but living and working in Greece. She co-wrote “Better Love” with singer-songwriter Leon of Athens and Fame Academy winner David Sneddon, who had a U.K. number one hit with “Stop Living the Lie.”

We love Katerine’s voice. It is rich and velvety and she uses her full range judiciously to propel her song. “Better Love” is a good entry made great by its singer. We also dig the sparkling, ethereal arrangement.

2019 has turned out to be a strong year for Eurovision, with songs that are either awesome or really unique. “Better Love” is probably the most straightforward potential contender on offer. That could be either an asset or a demerit, but we think it’s the former. Katerine has created a properly big Eurovision anthem and we hope she will snag a top 10 finish with it.