Spain’s Eurovision 2020 Entry

Spain has had a terrible run of form at the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years. They’ve only had two top 10 finishes in the past decade (literally finishing 10th both times), and have been lingering in the bottom ranks of the table for the past five years.

So every year, we follow along with the Spanish selection, hoping that this year, this year they will finally have something that’s going to break through. Is 2020 their year?

Blas Cantó has been trying to go to Eurovision his whole life. He participated in Eurojunior in 2004, but finished runner-up to eventual Junior Eurovision winner María Isabel. Later, as a member of the band Auryn, he participated in the 2011 edition of Destino Eurovisión, but lost to Lucía Pérez. Since going solo, Blas has topped the Spanish charts with his 2018 album Complicados.

Universo” is a slick pop song with a lush arrangement and memorable hooks in the bridge and the chorus. Of course, the bridge of “Perdóname, perdóname, uni-universo” and the “Ohh, uni-universo” chorus are memorable mostly because they are repeated over and over again. It’s a calculatedly constructed ear worm.

Blas is handsome and telegenic, so we are confident he’ll be able to Spzak the cameras during his performance. But he is singing high in his tenor range for most of the song, and without support, his vocal could get a bit thin. That said, we love the element of danger contained in that high note he lands in the climax of “Universo.” So long as they don’t drop a fire curtain behind him when he belts it.

We’re probably being a bit too critical of a song that we like. We really want Spain to do well, and we see a lot of potential here. So maybe we don’t want to get too excited because it’s so early in the season. But fingers crossed.