France’s Eurovision 2020 Entry

We’ve been overvaluing France in our Eurovision predictions the past couple of years. No chance of that happening this year.

Here is a song co-written by two former Eurovision contestants. Amir took “J’ai cherché” to France’s best result in the 2010s. John Lundvik closed out Sweden’s decade of dominance on a high note by finishing 5th last year with “Too Late for Love.” They both wrote the songs that they rode to the upper echelons of the leaderboard. On paper, it was smart of Tom Leeb to bring them into the fold when he was preparing for this year’s Song Contest.

In practice? Well, they came up with a wedding song.

Now, John Lundvik has experience with that sort of thing. His songwriting career took off when “When You Tell the World You’re Mine” was performed at the wedding of Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria. It’s a mawkishly awkward love song, but hey, you want that kind of thing at a wedding, right?

So if you are in Paris and dreamy McDreamboat Tom Leeb proposes to you while you are visiting the Eiffel Tour, then we can see how you would want to crank “The Best In Me” during your first dance. However, while “The Best In Me” may be a foundation for a strong marriage, that doesn’t make it a strong Eurovision entry.

Look, the United Kingdom finished last at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with “Bigger Than Us,” which was also co-written by John Lundvik. It’s a good song that deserved a better fate than finishing behind “Sister.” But it was done in by an unimaginative staging and a likable singer who lacked the necessary star power to make his song memorable. France has the singer with the it factor, but their song is much, much worse. In a just world, Michael Rice would have a better result than Tom Leeb. But we’ve seen Pretty In Pink, so we kinda know how this is going to work out.