Belgium’s Eurovision 2020 Entry

Belgium would like to remind you that they are still the European Capital of Cool.

Hooverphonic is an influential trip-hop pop band who have had three number one albums in Belgium and international success with their songs “2wicky” and “Mad About You.” Bassist Alex Callier and guitarist Raymond Geerts formed the band in 1995. Lead vocalist Luka Cruysberghs joined in 2018 after she won The Voice of Flanders with Alex has her coach.

Alex co-wrote Senneck’s “A Matter of Time,” which represented Belgium at the 2018 Song Contest. For “Release Me,” he teamed up with Luca Chiaravalli, who produced and arranged “Occidentali’s Karma.”

We have mixed feelings about “Release Me” as a Eurovision entry. On the one hand, we love that Hooverphonic did not compromise themselves to write a Eurovision song. It’s as if they were putting the finishing touches on “Release Me” when the call to represent Belgium in Rotterdam came in, and they said, “Well timed, Belgium!” Their song has a swank neo-retro vibe that fits right into their Cruysberghs-era catalog perfectly.

On the other hand, it is a such a downer. Luka pours so much raw sadness into her vocal that we can hear the exact moment her heart breaks. Not exactly the kind of song that lifts the mood at the Eurovision.

Moreover, “Release Me” doesn’t really offer any musical release to its dour mood. The final part of the chorus gets repeated without any swells in the orchestration, which robs Luka of a chance to build it to a big ending. We’re waiting for a moment to get goosebumps, and it never arrives.

We’re looking forward to see how Belgium stages this. They have an opportunity to use the staging to give us a catharsis that the recorded track doesn’t quite have. How they create that Eurovision moment may be the key to their success this year.