Slovenia’s Eurovision 2020 Entry

Ever get the feeling you’re floating on a river, only to be interrupted by an elaborate pratfall?

Ana Soklič competed on the first season of X Faktor Slovenia, and was knocked out of the show in the fifth week. She participated in two previous editions of EMA, singing “Oče” in 2007 and “If You” as a member of Diona Dimm in 2004. She co-wrote “Voda” with Bojan Simončič, her Diona Dimm bandmate and the guitarist for the 1980s Slovenian New Wave band Ultimat. She recorded her song with the Budapest Art Orchestra, which also recorded “Rise Like a Phoenix.”

“Voda” translates as “Water,” which makes sense. The melodies of the song meander around like a leaf on a gentle stream, going here and there gently and occasionally getting stuck on a rock. It’s pleasant, and it will probably be lovely to listen to when we’re in the mood to relax. But it doesn’t really wow us.

That said, Ana has a rich, smoky voice and she gives a measured, professional performance. She sings it beautifully, and gives “Voda” a burst of life when she lands her big notes. There is room for her to open this up, which she will need to do if “Voda” is going to stand out in Rotterdam.