Belarus’ Eurovision 2020 Entry

Our year of audience-friendly choreography continues!

VAL are singer Valeria Gribusova and musician Vlad Pashkevich. Valerie was runner up in the 2015 Slavic Bazaar and auditioned for The Voice of Ukraine in 2017. Meanwhile, Vlad owns the music studio ToneTwins, which produced Naviband’s 2017 Eurovision entry “Story Of My Life.”

“Da Vidna” has a vibe that takes us back to Milan Fashion Week in the mid-1990s. Not that we were there, but if we had been, we expect something like this to be played during the Missoni show. It’s very stylish, very smooth, and very pleasant.

It’s also very inconsequential. We enjoy it when we hear it, but in the way we enjoy songs we hear when we’re trying on clothes at some posh clothing store even though we can’t afford any of it. But this Missoni cardigan looks so nice! Then we leave and never bother to figure out what songs we heard in the changing room.

The staging is simple but effective, featuring some snazzy, easy-to-follow moves and Valeria’s striking headwear (which is more Dolce&Gabbana than Missoni). As luck would have it, though, VAL are drawn in the same half as The Roop, who go for less subtle dance movies for greater effect.

We don’t revel in poking holes in “Da Vidna,” because we really do like it (and really hope they keep it in Belarusian). We just feel like it’s one of those songs that gets lost in the shuffle in a Semifinal. But we’ll always have Milan.