Moldova’s Eurovision 2020 Entry

It’s almost as if Moldova heard this year’s Eurovision entries from Belgium, Norway, and Poland and said, “Oh, you think your relationships are messed up?”

Natalia Gordienko first represented Moldova in 2006, teaming up with Arsenium to perform “Loca.” Two years later, she received an Artist Emerit award from the government of Moldova. Her song “Prison” was co-written by Philipp Kirkorov and Dimitris Kontopoulos, longtime fixtures of our Eurovision Songwriters page. The lyrics are by Sharon Vaughn, who we wrote about in our review of this year’s Estonian entry. We should probably make her a fixture of our Eurovision Songwriters page, too.

Our first reaction to “Prison” is that it reminded us of Azerbaijan, because it sounds like a cross between “Hour of the Wolf” and “When the Music Dies.” It also has Kirkorov’s signature bounciness in both the melody and the rhythm, even though it’s a dramatic doomed love song.

Natalia needs to work on her connection to the story of “Prison” before she gets to Rotterdam. Her performance at O melodie pentru Europa 2020 felt disconnected with the lyrics. The staging leans into the song’s utter desperation, yet Natalia sings with a flat, pure vocal tone. She could be singing about a particularly overcast day as much as a bad romance. We need to feel your existential pain!

Even if she does somehow leave her heart on the floor of the Rotterdam Ahoy arena, we still can’t imagine a lot of general enthusiasm for this dire little dirge.