Georgia’s Eurovision 2020 Entry

Why should all the women of Eurovision 2020 have a monopoly on awful relationships?

Tornike Kipiani won the first season of X Factor Georgia back in 2014 and earned his ticket to Rotterdam by winning Georgian Idol. He wrote “Take Me As I Am” with Aleko Berdzenishvili, who has worked with Stephane & 3G of “We Don’t Want to Put In” fame.

Holy cow, this is amazing. Tornike is a handsome guy with a twinkle in his eye and lungs of leather. But deep in his soul he has more pathos than a 16 year old boy with clinical depression who just got stood up for the prom. Stop comparing him to all those Western European and English guys, unnamed antagonist! Love him for who he is: a hot, brooding Georgian dude!

Tornike’s vocal is the metal equivalent of “And I Am Telling You” from DreamgirlsThat growl he lets out when he sings “Why don’t love me” at the end of the first chorus is as intense and breathtaking as Jennifer Holliday’s deep breath-big note. It is glorious.

Yes, “Take Me As I Am” doesn’t go anywhere. The second half of the song is pretty much the same as the first, from verse through chorus. And yes, it just peters out without any strong conclusion. Minor complaints in our mind. We love it.

The thing that amazes us the most is that Tornike won Georgian Idol, sat down with Aleko Berdzenishvili and wrote this, and when he played it for the Georgian delegation, they said, “Yes.” Because no other country but Georgia would submit as its Eurovision entry a three-minute prog metal epic that would make Jim Steinman think, “Boy, that’s a bit over the top.” Thank you, Georgia, for being you.