Romania’s Eurovision 2020 Entry

We were just thinking that we need another Eurovision song about a relationship that has gone bad.

Roxen (a.k.a. Larisa Roxana Giurgiu) first rose to fame when she guested on SICKOTOY’s 2019 single “You Don’t Love Me,” which peaked at number three on Romania’s Airplay 100 chart last September. “Ce-ți cântă dragostea,” her first solo single, went to number five in November.

We were pretty excited to hear what Roxen would offer up after she was announced as Romania’s representative. Here is a singer whose star is rising very fast. We also loved her second solo single, “I Don’t Care,” and had hoped that this American hip-hop influenced pop number would indicate the direction she would go in at the Song Contest.

So maybe our unreasonable expectations explain why “Alcohol You” landed with a thud for us. That and the aforementioned fact that it’s yet another song at Eurovision 2020 about a doomed love affair.

But our main complaint is that Romania has this young, vibrant singer and she’s been saddled with a dour tune that floats around without ever really building to anything. Tonally, the chorus sounds the same as the verses, with no rise or fall. It’s a very flat journey, like driving through the middle of Nevada.

And as much as we try to avoid whinging about lyrics these days, we really dislike how the chorus is built around a pun so bad Andy Zaltzman would cringe. “Alcohol you when I’m drunk?” Really? We can’t ignore that or the reference to “fake news” because those lines are so out of character with someone singing about desperate loneliness after a break-up. Between the static orchestration and the misshapen lyrics, it’s easy for us to give this one the pass.