We’re Not Afraid to Move On

We’ve decided it’s time to retire from blogging about the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a difficult decision to make, but we realized that as much joy as we get out of Eurovision, we are at a point in our lives when we need to take a step back and enjoy it more as casual fans.

We began this blog over ten years ago to understand, process, and document our journey to make sense of this event that brings us all together. Along the way, we are grateful to have made many friends and to participate in the larger diverse fan community. But, life continues, and we have other work that is more important right now. We owe it to ourselves to focus on all that.

We will leave up the archive in the hope that others beginning on this journey may find our off the cuff impressions amusing or useful.

Thank you for reading Eurovision Lemurs all these years. We’ve had an absolute blast.