We Wipe Those Eyes and Then We Rise

In our last post, we said that we were retiring from Eurovision blogging. Technically, that is still true: We are. It’s just that I am not quite ready to retire yet.

When we got to the end of the 2020 season, such as it was, we felt like we were at a crossroads with our site. Jen decided that she didn’t have it in her to write about the Song Contest at the level she had in the past. She skipped 2020 altogether, so it was an easy choice for her to make.

As for me, I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to go on. Writing the blog by myself last season draining. Finding the energy to write more evergreen content over the summer was difficult, especially once it was clear I was going to be on my own. And lastly, we had branded this blog as a couple. Would it make sense to keep going if I was writing it solo?

I did assume that I would regret publishing our farewell post as soon as the first songs of the new season began to trickle in. In that case, my plan was to just start a new blog and continue as a solitary Lemur.

Then Jen made a good point: We have over a decade of content here and have already established ourselves in our own small way with the website and our Twitter account. Did it really make sense for me to start from scratch? Ultimately, I decided it wasn’t.

So with that being said, welcome to Eurovision Lemur. May it be a FiKmas present that will keep giving throughout 2021!