Czech Republic’s Eurovision 2021 Entry

A certain irony emerged in the lyrics to Benny Cristo’s 2020 Eurovision entry “Kemama.” In it, he reassures his mom, “They can say what they want/You should let it go.” Yet, after a negative reaction to to his revamped version, Benny publicly wondered if he had made a mistake. While I didn’t mind him putting his heart on the stove (quoting another “Kemama” lyric), I was also bummed out that he was put into a position to doubt his decision.

Given that, I wondered after last year’s Song Contest was canceled if he would accept a return chance if offered. I was absolutely thrilled when he decided to come back. Especially given how awesome “omaga” turned out.

I suppose it’s inevitable that there are going to be songs that reference the pandemic at this year’s Song Contest. (See also: The Roop.) Benny’s take is pretty delightful, both lyrically and in context of the official video:

  • “Whole world is crazy/Is it crazy to love you?”
  • “You’ve been home too long/I’ve been home too long.”
  • “You said you gained a few pounds/You blame apocalypse/There ain’t no apocalypse”

I also kind of like the lyric “I did a lot of dumb shhhh/Lot of things I wish I didn’t do,” because I kind of see it as a sly reference to his 2020 Eurovision experience.

Musically, “omaga” has layers of percussion driving the arrangement, with brassy samples propelling it forward. It’s very rich and joyful, and it shows off Benny’s style and charm. It may be a bit more slick and commercial than “Kemama,” but it also feels like a natural progression for someone I think could aspire to be an international pop star. I adore this.