Spain’s Eurovision 2021 Entry

The fear I have about all the artists that are coming back to the Song Contest this year is that they will be saddled with songs that aren’t as good as what they had last year.

Case in point.

I liked Blas Cantó’s 2020 effort “Universo.” I really, really don’t like “Voy a quedarme.” It starts off promisingly enough: gentle piano, Blas singing intimately. The orchestration begins to filter in and starts to swell through the first chorus and…

Then it just gets cheesy. The piano and strings do a stutter step at the 1:12 mark that makes me cringe with dread. Sure enough, the drums kick in and the piano is used more percussively. The strings get more staccato. This is building to something that I don’t want to experience. The drum fill that leads into the second chorus is such a generic pop/rock ballad cliché that I have started to tune out.

Blas brings me back in briefly when he lands the high notes, reminding me that he is a great singer with a gorgeous range. His vocal prowess is the only thing that can keep me engaged.

“Voy a quedarme” sounds like an attempt at writing a Eurovision song, and that just turns me off.