Australia’s Eurovision 2021 Entry

The uniqueness of the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest is the fact that so many acts who were slated to perform in last year’s canceled Grand Prix have come back again this year. And so far, many of those returning performers have taken their second opportunity to fully express themselves as artists.

I’ve already discussed how special Jeangu Macrooy’s “Birth of a New Age” is, and now I get to talk about how amazing Montaigne’s “Technicolour” is. It’s been such a good Eurovision year, you all.

I wasn’t a big fan of Montaigne’s “Don’t Break Me.” It felt like a very safe song from an artist who had a unique musical perspective. Not to diss DNA Songs, who co-wrote the song with Montaigne, but I thought it fit into Australia’s Eurovision history without expanding on it.

“Technicolour,” on the other hand, kicks down the walls to any boxes Australia may find itself in and grabs listeners by their collective collars. I think I mixed my metaphors there.

My point is, there is something fresh and exciting about “Technicolour.” The music is a collage of ’80s pop and rap allusions that melt together perfectly without ever sounding retro. I don’t know if these are references that everyone will get, but it sounds like The Go! Team crossed with the Art of Noise. It’s musically striking.

Lyrically, Montaigne is asserting herself. “Technicolour” is poetic while still fitting into a pop framework. Her vocals are fierce, yet melodic, especially during the pre-chorus. Going from the vocal runs that begin with “But everything is frustrating” into the rhythmic chants that begin with “But I got power, yeah” and later “But we got grace, yeah” is not easy, yet she carries it off almost flawlessly.

“Technicolour” is a bold statement by an artist who has come into her own. Like Jeangu Macrooy, she was given room to take risks, and like Jeangu Macrooy, she took full advantage of the opportunity.