San Marino’s Eurovision 2021 Entry

Last year, San Marino’s Senhit had the option of picking the song “Cleopatra” as her Eurovision entry. When she passed, Azerbaijan’s Efendi picked it up and probably would have turned it into an epic classic were it not for, you know, 2020.

Clearly, Senhit was not going to make the same mistake twice.

Now, here’s the thing about “Adrenalina.” It’s a decent, if unremarkable pop number. Flo Rida provides a serviceable pop-rap verse in it. It’s kind of a paint-by-numbers summer banger.

But… Senhit somehow got Flo Rida to drop a verse in her Eurovision song for San Marino. Does that mean Flo Rida is going to show up in Rotterdam? Does the presence of Flo Rida make San Marino a favorite to win? Will San Marino’s chances diminish if it turns out Flo Rida can’t make it and he’s replaced by a rapper named Zamma Rino?

If you follow Senhit on Twitter, you will have enjoyed her lapping up the attention her song drop has generated. It’s really nice to see San Marino raise a fuss in the fan community in a positive way rather than in an “Oh my god, Serhat is singing a disco song again” way or an “Oh my god, another dated Ralph Siegel tune” way.

On the other hand, will the fandom turn on Senhit if Flo Rida isn’t a part of the final package in May? Or does she have more tricks up her sleeve to compensate?

As I’ve been watching her “Freaky Trip to Rotterdam” series on YouTube, I have been amazed how she turned herself from a bland but solid also-ran at the 2011 Song Contest into a glamorous pop diva who turns “Alcohol Is Free” and “Cheesecake” into edgy and erotic showpieces. If she can achieve in her Eurovision staging of “Adrenalina” anything close to what she has done with her cover videos, then she could make Eleni Foureira look like a stereotypical librarian by comparison.

So I am completely torn by San Marino this year. I feel like Senhit was probably going to be a lock to make the Final, and by bringing in the splashy guest star, she overegged her pudding a bit. I’m still pretty excited to see what she’s going to do next, though.