Poland’s Eurovision 2021 Entry

Have you ever wondered what Miami Vice would have looked like if it starred mid-level bureaucrats?

I debated with myself about whether this is a satire like American Psycho or genuine like The Room. I concluded that it was too sincere to be self-aware.

I don’t understand why Poland didn’t give their ticket to Rotterdam to Alicja Szemplińska, who was supposed to represent them last year. Was the song she submitted for the competition really liked less than this?

“The Ride” isn’t even a bad song. It just sounds dated rather than retro. It’s the difference between aping an old style or reinterpreting it. This is evoking ’80s synth pop without offering anything new.

By the way, RAFAŁ may look familiar to you if you are a diehard Eurovision fan (or a budget analyst in the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development). In Poland’s 2017 national final, he sang the delightfully inane “Sky Over Europe.” If that hadn’t finished second, we would have written about it in our annual WTF round-up instead of the Eurovision That Almost Was post. Thanks to Robyn Gallagher from wiwibloggs for reminding me of that golden nugget!

One thought on “Poland’s Eurovision 2021 Entry”

  1. Yeesh. Could this guy try any harder to be The Weeknd? Everything about this screams “third-rate Blinding Lights ripoff”, which, granted, is trying to ape the biggest worldwide hit of 2020, but a) you’re absolutely correct that this is just copying ’80’s style rather than playing with it and b) stuff this contemporary doesn’t usually fly at Eurovision. Unless it gets a place in its semi that buoys it massively, I can’t see this going anywhere, even with Poland’s massive televoter network.

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