Georgia’s Eurovision 2021 Entry

I marveled last year that Georgia’s Eurovision delegation listened to Tornike Kipiani’s “Take Me As I Am” and said, “Perfect.” The song is an achingly angsty masterpiece further elevated by Tornike’s powerful, emotively sincere vocal. It was bonkers and brilliant at the same time. I genuinely had no idea how people would respond to it and I also genuinely had no idea how he and co-songwriter Aleko Berdzenishvili would be able to top it.

Here’s how: rather than go over the top, they dialed it all back. Yet they still found a way to make an impression.

“You” is a gentle and meditative love song to nature. Even as it builds to a big climax, it remains peaceful and contemplative. And it ends on an unresolved note, which invites me to listen to the song again.

There is a real 1970’s vibe to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. Some parts of the orchestration have a kind of AM gold feel to them, yet it all still sounds bracingly modern. I guess what I’m saying is that “You” sounds like Marc Bolan teamed up with Elbow to record “I’m Going Home” from Rocky Horror in the style of Pink Floyd. If you see what i mean.

Even though it lacks the brashness of “Take Me As I Am,” “You” is still a bold choice as a competitive song. I again genuinely have no idea how people are going to respond to it. I can only hope that I’m not the only one who digs what Tornike is offering up.