Introducing ESC in Context

Earlier this month, Max Levites from Star Spangled Eurovision put out a call on Twitter asking if there were Eurofans looking for more long-form analysis of the Eurovision Song Contest. I responded positively and the next thing I know, I’m a part of ESC in Context!

(The team decided that my suggestion for calling it Eurogasmatron, while funny, was probably not going to accurately convey what we’re trying to accomplish. But if you want to use the name, let me know and I can transfer the domain over to you…)

ESC in Context aims to dive into Eurovision’s historical context, see how it affects and is affected by local and global events, and how it can give artists and fans the means to express themselves.

After doing a lot of research to put some of this year’s Song Contest entries (and rejects) into perspective during my song reviews, I am excited about the possibilities ESC in Context provides. I’m really looking forward to contributing and to seeing what my fellow teammates come up with. I hope you will enjoy it!