The Eurovision Seal of Approval: Grab the Moment

Every year, there seems to be one Eurovision entry that pleasantly surprises me when it finishes well. It’s usually a song that speaks to me on some deep  level, so I have a hard time thinking that anyone else is going to dig it as much as I do.

The perfect example of what I mean? JOWST’s “Grab the Moment.”

It stood out in the 2017 Melodi Grand Prix: When I first heard it, I knew it was going to win the Norwegian national final. Even so, I didn’t necessarily rate it highly as a Eurovision entry at first, as reflected in the review Jen wrote on the site.

During the period between national final season and the Song Contest, however, our opinions on “Grab the Moment” changed. The more we listened to it, the more we liked it. We found ourselves rooting for it to do well, even though we thought that the juries and televoters were not going to rate it. We were genuinely happy it qualified for the Grand Final, and we were over the moon that it finished 10th place overall.

Why were we so convinced that no one else was going to get “Grab the Moment?” Because it had to grow on us before we could appreciate it. We usually think songs need to land an immediate impact in order to do well. In our minds, growers always suffer.

It’s such a cool, unassuming song. Sure there are some flashy parts as presented: JOWST’s Lite Brite helmet, the song’s vocal effects, the staging’s visual effects. But overall, “Grab the Moment” lives up to its lyrics about keeping yourself calm and getting that good vibe buzzing. Aleksander Walmann’s vocal is so smooth and mellow that he easily captures the mood of the song. Yet he still projects the confidence over the adversity “Grab the Moment” is addressing.

And on a personal note, “Grab the Moment” is a close-to-perfect song about managing anxiety. It’s not flawless: I don’t want to kill that voice in my head so much as I want to learn how to calm it down. Otherwise, the lyrics sum up what goes through my head on a day to day basis so wonderfully that I wish I had written them myself.

I’m quiet in a corner seeking action
I wanna be bold, but I’m only getting old
I need to stop drowning in distractions

“Grab the Moment” is an anthem for me, even if it’s not anthemic. That enough people appreciated it to get it a top 10 finish in the 2017 Grand Final makes me feel like I’m not alone. And that’s as good a reason to love as song as I can think of.