We’re Not Afraid to Move On

We’ve decided it’s time to retire from blogging about the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a difficult decision to make, but we realized that as much joy as we get out of Eurovision, we are at a point in our lives when we need to take a step back and enjoy it more as casual fans.

We began this blog over ten years ago to understand, process, and document our journey to make sense of this event that brings us all together. Along the way, we are grateful to have made many friends and to participate in the larger diverse fan community. But, life continues, and we have other work that is more important right now. We owe it to ourselves to focus on all that.

We will leave up the archive in the hope that others beginning on this journey may find our off the cuff impressions amusing or useful.

Thank you for reading Eurovision Lemurs all these years. We’ve had an absolute blast.

Stranded on Eurovision Castaways!

We recently had the honor to be a part of ESC Insight’s excellent Eurovision Castaway series! Join us and Ellie Chalkley as we offer eight songs that we want to take with us onto Île de Bezençon and Ellie grills us to defend our choices. Did you know we have more to say about Donny Montell? WE DO and you can hear it here.

We’ll be back with the latest in our Eurovision Lemurs Seal of Approval series very soon, and then before we all know it, we’ll be knee-deep in national final series! It’s getting real!

10 Years of Eurovision Lemurs

Ten years ago, I was bored while Jennifer was at a conference in Montreal and discovered that the Eurovision Broadcasting Union simulcast the Eurovision Song Contest on its website. On a whim, I started to live-blog the goings-on during the 2006 Semifinal on my LiveJournal. That was the beginning of the Eurovision Lemurs blog. Jen joined in the blogging the following year.

I am kind of embarrassed by those blog posts from 2006; my ignorance was on full display, even though I got off a few choice quips. But since then, I feel like we’ve maintained a funny and intelligent blog, and I am happy that our enthusiasm for the Song Contest has not waned in 10 years.

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to do a few special posts to mark our 10th anniversary. They will look back at the past decade of the Song Contest and take stock of where it’s at now. We’re looking forward to the next 10 years!

Raising an American Boy on Eurovision

Our son Kieran is four years old. This past Christmas was the first one that he really understood what was going on. He knew that pretty lights went up all around the neighborhood. He knew it was time for us to visit family and for family to visit us. He knew he had to visit Santa to ask for a gift (he wanted proper dominoes), and he knew he had to leave cookies out as a treat for Santa when he arrived. When he was three, Christmas was fun. But Christmas when Kieran was four was a blast.

I mention this because this year is the first year Kieran understands what the Eurovision Song Contest is. Keep in mind that he’s been listening to Eurovision songs all his life. And around three years old, he began to request songs while we were driving. Songs like “OPA!”, “Manboy,” and “Playing with Fire” became integral parts of our lives. We have heard them enough that Kieran sings along with them now. And if you told me last year at this time that “The Social Network Song” would rival “Cobrastyle” and “Bulletproof” (two of Kieran’s non-Eurovision faves) at the top of our most played songs in iTunes, I would have cried the tears of the damned.

But this year, Kieran has become engaged with Eurovision. He is requesting “Igranka” and “Alcohol Is Free” as we drive him to school. He is singing along with “Love Kills,” “Here We Go” and “Shine” and dancing along to just about everything (although “Alcohol Is Free” is still his favorite dance jam). He is even asking to watch specific episodes of comedian David Morgan‘s Eurovision Highlights. (The one where Morgan analyzes “Gravity” is his favorite.)

We know that someday, when he’s older and develops his own independent musical tastes, he is going to hate Eurovision and regard it the way most Brits do: as a kitschy festival of lameness. And he’ll think we are lame and out of touch by association. And that’s okay, because per Patton Oswalt, we’ve done our duty as boring square parents and raised a cool kid. But we’re going to miss the days of Kieran singing along with “Popular,” just as we’re going to miss the anticipation of Santa’s visits. So we’re going to enjoy this now and hope it lasts as long as possible.

It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears

Last week Eurovision national final season kicked into high gear as results came in from Iceland, Germany, Norway, and Hungary. EuroLemur, however, was stuck in the “It’s a Small World” ride at Walt Disney World. We are working hard this weekend to catch up and keep up with this week’s Eurovision action as well. National finals and semis until we go into overload! Stay tuned.

EuroLemur with the mouse

New Digs, New Name, NEW ATTITUDE!

Unfortunately, the original Lemur Love blog got taken over by evil malware purveyors. While we get our server cleaned out (and get the LemurLove.com domain off Google’s malware blacklist), we’ve moved the blog to WordPress.

While in the past we’ve written a lot about general pop culture stuff, with an emphasis on Eurovision, we are now going to focus all our attention on Eurovision. As such, we’ve renamed the blog Eurovision Lemurs. To celebrate, here’s a fanfare by the Moldovan sax guy:


It’s been a while since we’ve posted any updates here. Normally, we don’t like it when bloggers post something like that and then offer a long explanation as to why they haven’t posted any updates for a while. So we’re not going to offer any long explanations. Life gets in the way of hobby blogs. That’s all there is to say about that.

And it’s been driving us nuts, actually, because there’s so much Eurovision news! Most of it related to Ukraine! We’ll review whatever song their sending to the Song Contest soon (we’re pretty sure it won’t change again before we do), but if you’ve not been following, ESCtoday has a good summary of what the hell happened there.

More soon.  For reals.