Eurovision Lemurs Pre-History

Once upon a time, in the dark recesses of the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, I came across a couple of blog posts I wrote on my library science blog (!?) about Eurovision back in 2003. I had completely forgotten about these; I probably did not import the non-library posts when I switched blogging services way back when.

I am republishing the two posts below: one is a track-by-track review and the other is a brief post-Grand Prix recap. It’s funny looking back at these for a few reasons:

  1. The Song Contest’s official site used to move from host country to host country each year.
  2. The official site also used to link to free MP3s of all of the songs, which is how we ended up with them all. Those were the days.
  3. Some of my general ignorance on Eurovision is on full display here. I was young-ish and American; I did not see!
  4. Did I really believe t.A.T.u. was going to have a long career?

A quick note: the links below go to the Internet Archive‘s archival versions of the posts as they appeared in 2003.

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