Privacy Policy

Seeing as we write a blog about a European-based light entertainment competition, we should note our privacy policy when it comes to the data that you share with us when you visit and interact with our site. We use WordPress software to publish our site and the Jetpack system to manage widgets and our contact form. We also use Google Analytics to analyze traffic to our site and Google AdSense to provide advertising.

What does that mean to you? Information related to your IP address is shared with us to determine your geographic location. Google Analytics is set to keep this information for 14 months. We do not allow the cookies set by Google on our site to be used to display advertising based on your other cookies.

Cookies are also used when you comment on our site, which helps WordPress keep spam out of our comments section. If you regularly comment on our website, these cookies save your name and email address so that you do not have to fill them out each time you comment. These cookies last one year unless you clear your cookie cache in your browser. We can also export to you and erase your personal data by your request using WordPress’s data management tools.

If you want more information about how Automattic and Google comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), take a look at the following sites:

We also use a few third-party plugins to manage broken links and preventing spam comments on our media files. These plugins are beholden to the Automattic privacy policy for developers, but more than that, they are not collecting your data so far as we know. If we find that they are doing shady stuff behind our back, though, we will remove them from our site.