Croatia (Eurovision 2007 Preview)

Dragonfly feat. Dao Topic “Vjerijem u Ljubav”

This song is like a man with erectile dysfunction. It starts out dead sexy Marvin Gaye and with the best of intentions, oh, honey, let’s get it on! But because it doesn’t have the self-confidence to think it can win Eurovision singing a whole song with that mood, it skulks back to what is safe, a Eurovision power ballad. Consequently, it totally ruins the mood. At the end the outcome will be exactly what they are trying to avoid, a self-fulfulling prophesy of not making the Eurovision finals.

20. Croatia – Severina: “Moja Štikla”

Eurovision, from what I understand, was originally started to promote the traditional music in each participating country.† Aside from some local flourishes in some of the numbers, the contest is nowhere near that anymore. Croatia, however, is going for the traditional gusto. The main gimmick: the female singer’s long dress detaches to become a short dress so she can line dance with the back-up performers. This was lots of fun.

This is not even remotely true.