Malta’s Eurovision 2011 Entry

Malta chose its representative to this year’s ESC tonight, and they decided to go with last year’s Albanian entry.  Apparently, they forgot that it finished 16th.  Anyway, here’s Glen Vella with “One Life”:

I have no idea why the backing dancers are wearing riot gear over their heads, unless they’re worried that Egyptians are going to rise up all in their faces.

Malta’s Eurovision 2009 Entry

Chiara is heading to Moscow to represent Malta with “What If We.”  And not “Father Figure,” which is what the opening orchestration sounds a bit like.

It’s one of those heartfelt and inspirational numbers, and it’s a pretty good example of them.  It’s not quite as epic as, say, “Molitva,” but it’s catchy and Chiara does a nice job with it.

By the way, and I feel bad for saying this, but Chiara kinda looks like Pink Flamingos-era Divine.


Ooo, hunky shirtless guys prancing around the stage! Always a good decision for a kitsch-fest.

There’s an Indian theme to Olivia Lewis’ dress and the stage props, which is weird because the song sounds like it has a heavy Turkish pop influence. She’s generally singing fine, but the wind machine is set way too high. This is just chaotic. Too bad.

UPDATED: Actually, upon second look… what? Yes, I watched the replay… the stage props are Japanese, not Indian. I stand by my comment about her dress having Indian influences, though.