Eurovision Songwriters

There is something about the Eurovision Song Contest that gets into someone’s blood. Once they’ve competed, they frequently want to go back for more. While it’s generally pretty hard for a performer to make a return appearance, songwriters will often come back again and again, as evidenced by the lists below. My main criteria for inclusion on this page is that a songwriter has to have had at least five entries in the Song Contest.

Ralph Siegel

German songwriter Ralph Siegel has a remarkable Eurovision legacy. He has composed more than 20 Eurovision songs – mostly for Germany but also Luxembourg, Montenegro, Switzerland, and San Marino. Additionally, for every song that has made the Contest, plenty of Siegel’s other songs have competed in national selections. He is nothing if not prolific. During his 50-year career, Siegel has repeatedly demonstrated a gift for the memorable, catchy melody. Sometimes, like with “Ein bißchen Frieden,” it results in beauty. But sometimes, like with “The Social Network Song,” he unwittingly contributes to Eurovision’s kitschiest moments. Speaking of which, he also teamed up with lyricist Timothy Touchton to write “All In Your Head” for Lys Assia & New Jack.

  • “Bye Bye I Love You” (Luxembourg 1974, 4th)
    With Michael Kunze
  • “Sing Sang Song” (Germany 1976, 15th)
    With Kurt Hertha
  • “Dschinghis Khan” (Germany 1979, 4th)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Theater” (Germany 1980, 2nd)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Papa Pingouin” (Luxembourg 1980, 9th)
    With Bernd Meinunger, Pierre Delanoë, and Jean-Paul Cara
  • “Johnny Blue” (Germany 1981, 2nd)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Ein bißchen Frieden” (Germany 1982, 1st)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • Children, Kinder, Enfants (Luxembourg 1985, 13th)
    With Bernd Meinunger and Jean-Michel Beriat
  • “Lass die Sonne in den Herz” (Germany 1987, 2nd)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Lied für einen Freund” (Germany 1988, 14th)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Frei zu leben” (Germany 1990, 9th)
    With Michael Kunze
  • “Träume sind für alle da” (Germany 1992, 16th)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Wir Geben ‘ne den Party” (Germany 1994, 3rd)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Zeit (Germany 1997, 18th)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Reise nach Jerusalem – Kudüs’e seyahat” (Germany 1999, 3rd)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “I Can’t Live Without Music” (Germany 2002, 21st)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Let’s Get Happy” (Germany 2003, 11st)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “If We All Give a Little” (Switzerland 2006, 17th)
    With Bernd Meinunger
  • “Just Get Out of My Life” (Montenegro 2009, DNQ)
    With Bernd Meinunger, José Juan Santana Rodríguez
  • “The Social Network Song” (San Marino 2012, DNQ)
    With Timothy Touchton and Jose Santana Rodriguez
  • “Crisalide” (San Marino 2013, DNQ)
    With Mauro Balestri
  • “Maybe (Forse)” (San Marino 2014, 24th, pictured)
    With Mauro Balestri
  • “Chain of Lights” (San Marino 2015, DNQ)
    With John O’Flynn (a.k.a. Bernd Meinunger)
  • “Spirit of the Night” (San Marino 2017, DNQ)
    With Steven Barnacle and Jutta Staudenmayer

Thomas G:son

A Swedish songwriter, Thomas G:son hawks his wares throughout Europe. He has penned over a dozen Eurovision entries, including 2012’s winner, “Euphoria.” Additionally, G:son songs have competed in national selection shows in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Poland, Belgium, Malta, and Denmark.

  • “Listen to Your Heartbeat” (Sweden 2001, 5th)
    With Henrik Sethsson
  • “Invincible” (Sweden 2006, 5th)
    With Carola Häggkvist, Bobby Ljunggren, and Henrik Wikström
  • “Ven a Bailar Conmigo” (Norway 2007, DNQ)
  • “I Love You Mi Vida” (Spain 2007, 20th)
    With Andreas Rickstrand, Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson, and Rebeca Pous del Toro
  • “In a Moment Like This” (Denmark 2010, 4th)
    With Henrik Sethsson and Erik Bernholm
  • “Euphoria” (Sweden 2012, 1st, pictured)
    With Peter Boström
  • “Quedate Conmigo” (Spain 2012, 9th)
    With Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson and Erik Bernholm
  • “Waterfall” (Georgia 2013, 15th)
    With Erik Bernholm
  • “Amanecer” (Spain 2015, 21st)
    With Peter Boström and Tony Sánchez-Ohlsson
  • “Warrior” (Georgia 2015, 11th)
    With Nina Sublatti
  • “Midnight Gold” (Georgia 2016, 20th)
    With Kote Kalandadze
  • “Alter Ego” (Cyprus 2016, 21st)
    With Minus One
  • “Gravity” (Cyprus 2017, 21st)
  • “Taboo” (Malta 2018, DNQ)
    With Johnny Sanchez, Christabelle Borg, and Muxu
  • “The Best In Me” (France 2020)
    With Peter Boström, John Lundvik, Amir Haddad, Tom Leeb,and Léa Ivanne

Symphonix International

Symphonix International is a Vienna-based songwriting team primarily comprised of Borislav Milanov, Joacim Persson, and Sebastian Arman. Persson has had a long career in the music industry and has worked with Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, and the Jonas Brothers. Milanov is a former Rapid Vienna football player turned songwriter whose first Eurovision entry was Poli Genova’s “Na Inat” in 2011. His co-writer on “Na Inat” was Arman, who has composed songs for Tokio Hotel and Conchita Wurst. The trio’s first collaboration together at Eurovision was Genova’s 2016 entry “If Love Was a Crime,” which gave Bulgaria its then-highest finish and introduced a new pop sound to the Song Contest. They helped Bulgaria top that finish in 2017 with the Eurovision runner up “Beautiful Mess.” Success begat success and the trio are now in-demand songwriters at the Song Contest both together and separately.

  • “Na Inat” (Bulgaria 2011, DNQ)
    Milanov and Arman with Poli Genova and David Bronner
  • “Autumn Leaves” (North Macedonia 2015, DNQ)
    Persson with Aleksandar Mitevski and Daniel Kajmakoski
  • “If Love Was a Crime” (Bulgaria 2016, 4th, pictured)
    Milanov, Persson, and Arman with Poli Genova and Johnny K. Palmer
  • “Dance Alone” (North Macedonia 2017, DNQ)
    Milanov and Persson with Johan Alkanaes and Florence A.
  • “In Too Deep” (Serbia 2017, DNQ)
    Milanov and Persson with Johan Alkenäs and Lisa Desmond
  • “Beautiful Mess” (Bulgaria 2017, 2nd)
    Milanov, Persson, and Arman with Alex Omar and Alexander V. Blay
  • “Bones” (Bulgaria 2018, 14th)
    Milanov and Persson with Trey Campbell and Dag Lundberg
  • “Nobody But You” (Austria 2018, 3rd)
    Milanov, Persson, and Arman with Cesár Sampson and Johan Alkenäs
  • “Chameleon” (Malta 2019, 14th)
    Milanov and Persson with Paula Winger and Johan Alkenäs
  • “Truth” (Azerbaijan 2019, 8th)
    Milanov with Chingiz
  • “Violent Thing” (Germany 2020)
    Milanov with Peter St. James, Dag Lundberg, Jimmy Thorén, and Connor Martin
  • “Tears Getting Sober” (Bulgaria 2020)
    Milanov with Cornelia Wiebols, Lukas Oscar Janisch, and Victoria Georgieva
  • “All of My Love” (Malta 2020)
    Milanov, Persson, and Arman with Bernarda Brunović, Dag Lundberg, and Cesár Sampson

Philipp Kirkorov

Kirkorov was born in Bulgaria, but has had a long career in Russian pop. He represented Russia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest, finishing 17th. However, he has had more success at Eurovision as a songwriter. He co-wrote the bonafide classic “Shady Lady,” and he has been Russia’s go-to guy for Eurovision entries while its relationship with the rest of Europe is strained. Kirkorov headed up Russia’s jury in 2009, although he had to step down after being seen as too close to Greek contestant Sakis Rouvas. He has had a number of run-ins with fellow musicians and with reporters over his career, most notably in 2004 when he was fined for insulting journalist Irina Aroyan. Despite of (or perhaps because of) those controversies, he remains one of Russia’s most popular stars.

  • “Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana” (Russia 1995, 17th, pictured)
    As artist only. Songwriters: Ilya Bershadskiy and Ilya Reznik
  • “Work Your Magic” (Belarus 2007, 6th)
    With Dimitris Kontopoulos and Karen Kavaleryan
  • “Shady Lady” (Ukraine 2008, 2nd)
    With Dimitris Kontopoulos and Karen Kavaleryan
  • “Shine” (Russia 2014, 7th)
    With Dimitris Kontopoulos, John Ballard, Ralph Charlie, and Gerard James Borg
  • “You Are the Only One” (Russia 2016, 3rd)
    With Dimitris Kontopoulos, John Ballard, and Ralph Charlie
  • “My Lucky Day” (Moldova 2018, 10th)
    With John Ballard
  • “Scream” (Russia 2019, 3rd)
    With Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sharon Vaughn
  • “Prison” (Moldova 2020)
    With Dimitris Kontopoulos and Sharon Vaughn
  • “Sugar” (Moldova 2021, 13th)
    With Dimitris Kontopoulos, Sharon Vaughn, and Mikhail Gutseriev

Dimitris Kontopoulos

Kontopoulous is a Berklee- and USC-trained musician from Athens, Greece who has established himself as a film composer and pop songwriter in his home country. He has written a number of songs for Sakis Rouvas, including Greece’s 2009 Eurovision entry “This Is Our Night.” He has also collaborated with Philipp Kirkorov to write several Eurovision entries, including Ani Lorak’s “Shady Lady.”

  • “Work Your Magic” (Belarus 2007, 6th)
    With Philipp Kirkorov and Karen Kavaleryan
  • “Shady Lady” (Ukraine 2008, 2nd)
    With Philipp Kirkorov and Karen Kavaleryan
  • “This Is Our Night” (Greece 2009, 7th, pictured)
    With Craig Porteils and Cameron Giles-Webb
  • “Hold Me” (Azerbaijan 2013, 2nd)
    With John Ballard and Ralph Charlie
  • “Shine” (Russia 2014, 7th)
    With Philipp Kirkorov, John Ballard, Ralph Charlie, and Gerard James Borg
  • “You Are the Only One” (Russia 2016, 3rd)
    With Philipp Kirkorov, John Ballard, and Ralph Charlie
  • “This Is Love” (Greece 2017, 19th)
    With Romy Papadea and John Ballard
  • “X My Heart” (Azerbaijan 2018, DNQ)
    With Sandra Bjurman and Tim Bran
  • “Scream” (Russia 2019, 3rd)
    With Philipp Kirkorov and Sharon Vaughn
  • “SUPERG!RL” (Greece 2020)
    With Sharon Vaughn and Arcade
  • “Prison” (Moldova 2020)
    With Philipp Kirkorov and Sharon Vaughn
  • “Sugar” (Moldova 2021, 13th)
    With Philipp Kirkorov, Sharon Vaughn, and Mikhail Gutseriev
  • “Last Dance” (Greece 2021, 10th)
    With Sharon Vaughn and Arcade

Fredrik Kempe

Swedish schlager has a certain distinctive dance-pop, bouncy sound. At Melodifestivalen, Fredrik Kempe is the master of that sound. He has often had multiple songs in Sweden’s national final, as many as four in a year. His songs have represented Sweden five times. In his early years, he also attempted to enter Melodifestivalen as a singer/songwriter. That didn’t go quite as well (pictured). He also composed the music for the brilliant “Love Love Peace Peace” interval act at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, and really, there was no better person to do so.

  • “Hero” (Sweden 2008, 18th)
    With Bobby Ljunggren
  • “La Voix” (Sweden 2009, 21st)
    With Malena Ernman
  • “My Heart is Yours” (Norway 2010, 20th)
    With Hanne Sørvaag
  • “Popular” (Sweden 2011, 3rd)
  • “Undo” (Sweden 2014, 3rd)
    With David Kreuger and Hamed Pirouzpanah

Bobby Ljunggren

Dozens of Swedish songwriter Bobby Ljunggren’s songs have competed at Melodifestivalen since 1987. He often has had multiple songs in Sweden’s mix nearly every year. His high water mark was 2008, where Ljunggren songs finished 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at Melodifestivalen.

  • “Se på mig” (Sweden 1995, 3rd)
    With Ingela “Pling” Forsman and Håkan Almqvist
  • “Kärleken är” (Sweden 1998, 10th)
    With Ingela “Pling” Forsman and Håkan Almqvist
  • “Little by Little” (Lithuania 2005, 25th)
    With William Butt
  • “Invincible” (Sweden 2006, 5th)
    With Carola Häggkvist, Thomas G:son, and Henrik Wikström
  • “Hero” (Sweden 2008, 18th, pictured)
    With Fredrik Kempe
  • “This is My Life” (Sweden 2010, DNQ)
    With Kristian Lagerström

Gerard James Borg

A Maltese lyricist, Gerard James Borg has written or co-written several Eurovision entries, mostly for Malta. It has not been uncommon to find several songs from Borg in the Maltese national finals. He has also entered songs into national finals for Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, and Spain.

  • “Desire” (Malta 2000, 8th)
    With Philip Vella
  • “7th Wonder” (Malta 2002, 2nd, pictured)
    With Philip Vella
  • “On Again… Off Again” (Malta 2004, 8th)
    With Philip Vella
  • “Vertigo” (Malta 2007, DNQ)
    With Philip Vella
  • “Vodka” (Malta 2008, DNQ)
    With Philip Vella
  • “Shine” (Russia 2014, 7th)
    With Philipp Kirkorov, Dimitris Kontopoulos, John Ballard, and Ralph Charlie
  • “Breathlessly” (Malta 2017, DNQ)
    With Philip Vella and Sean Vella

Philip Vella

Maltese songwriter Vella has represented his home country six times, with his best finish coming in 2002 when Ira Losco finished second with “7th Wonder.” He is nothing but prolific; he has composed over 70 songs just for Malta’s national finals alone. In addition, he writes television series scores, commerical jingles, and computer game music. He is also a photographer who works with Malta’s magazine Gwida.

  • “Desire” (Malta 2000, 8th)
    With Gerard James Borg
  • “7th Wonder” (Malta 2002, 2nd)
    With Gerard James Borg
  • “On Again… Off Again” (Malta 2004, 12th)
    With Gerard James Borg
  • “Vertigo” (Malta 2007, DNQ)
    With Gerard James Borg
  • “Vodka” (Malta 2008, DNQ, pictured)
    With Gerard James Borg
  • “Breathlessly” (Malta 2017, DNQ)
    With Gerard James Borg and Sean Vella

Željko Joksimović

Joksimović was Serbia and Montenegro’s first representative and later represented Serbia by itself. He also co-hosted Eurovision in 2008. In addition to his own entries, he composed three other songs that made it to the Grand Final. Jelena Tomašević defended Serbia’s title in 2008 with “Oro” and Bosnia & Herzegovina’s Hari Mata Hari finished third in 2006 with “Lejla.” While Joksimović has indicated he does not plan to perform at Eurovision again, his songs may still make appearances at future Song Contests.

  • “Lane Moje” (Serbia & Montenegro 2004, 2nd, pictured)
    With Leontina Vukomanović
  • “Lejla” (Bosnia & Herzegovina 2006, 3rd)
    With Fahrudin Pecikoza and Dejan Ivanović
  • “Oro” (Serbia 2008, 6th)
    With Dejan Ivanović
  • “Nije ljubav stvar” (Serbia 2012, 3rd)
    With Marina Tucaković, Miloš Roganović
  • “Adio” (Montenegro 2015, 13th)
    With Marina Tucaković and Dejan Ivanović

Charlie Mason

Mason is an American lyricist who co-wrote the 2014 Eurovision-winning entry “Rise Like a Phoenix.” He got his start working German musician Dirk Homuth, and has since composed lyrics for Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Eric Saade, and Sergey Lazarev. He teamed up with Slovenian musician Raay to write skier Tina Maze’s single “My Way Is My Decision,” and they later teamed up with Raay’s wife and bandmate Marjetka Vovk on Slovenia’s 2015 Eurovision entry “Here for You.” He also wrote the English lyrics to “Beauty Never Lies” for Bojana Stamenov, who represented Serbia in 2015. Fun fact: He likes animals more than humans.

  • “L’amore è femmina” (Italy 2012, 9th)
    With Nina Zilli, Christian Rabb, Kristoffer Sjökvist, and Frida Molander
  • “Rise Like a Phoenix” (Austria 2014, 1st)
    With Joey Patulka, Ali Zuckowski, and Julian Maas
  • “Beauty Never Lies” (Serbia 2015, 10th, pictured)
    With Vladimir Graić
  • “Here for You” (Slovenia 2015, 14th)
    With Raay and Marjetka Vovk
  • “The Dream” (Croatia 2019, DNQ)
    With Jacques Houdek and Andrea Čubrić
  • “Amen” (Slovenia 2021, DNQ)
    With Ana Soklič, Bojan Simončič, and Žiga Pirnat